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The man behind

In 1991, opened the first LA ROSE NOIRE® Pâtisserie in the most prestigious shopping mall on Hong Kong Island.

In 2 decades, that one simple operation, a 30 seats restaurant and cake shop, has turned into a reputable enterprise. This encouraging achievement is beyond his wildest expectation. From an initial selection of 28 items, LA ROSE NOIRE® now has over 500 varieties in its product brochure, fulfilling the needs of all sectors in the market.

Today, LA ROSE NOIRE® employs more than 200 staff members working around the clock at its original production centre in Kowloon Bay.

In 2004, Gérard took a giant leap by opening a 60,000 square foot HAACP/ISO-certified state-of-the-art factory in Dongguan, South China with over 600 employees working to meet the popular demands of Greater China and over 35 countries on four continents. .

In 2012,the company opened a HACCP standard factory in Clark Free Port, The Philippines. This new production centre is expected to have the capacity and capability to cope with the continuously expanding overseas market.

In June 2012, Gérard and his team opened their latest venture "Passion. by Gérard Dubois" Boulangerie - Pâtisserie - Confiserie in Hong Kong.

Over the course of his career,Gérard has won numerous distinguish awards at some of the most esteemed culinary competitions worldwide and is a regular panel judge at renowned international competitions.

Gérard is not unfamiliar to culinary publications. He is the co-author of "The Cutting Edge: Innovation of East-West Cuisine of the Twenty First Century" (1993); and the author of "My Recent Journey" (2003), "Passion." (2006), which gained a special "Award of the Jury 2006" honored by World Cookbook Awards, and "Crafted Passion" (2011), recently awarded for "Best Dessert Book in the World " by the 17 GOURMAND AWARDS in Paris.comme « Le Meilleur Livre de Dessert du Monde » par le 17 Gourmand Awards à Paris.